My FaV SonG

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Right here


I know I've been mistaken
But just give me a break and see
the changes that I've made
I've got some imperfections
But how can you collect them all
and throw them in my face

But u always find a way to
keep me right here waiting
You always find the words to say
to keep me right here waiting
And if you chose to walk away
I'd still be right here waiting
Searching for the thing to say
to keep you right here waiting

I hope u're not intending
To be so condescending iy's as much
as i can take
and u're so independent
u just refuse to bend so i keep
bending till i break

I've made a commitment
I'm willing to bleed for you
I needed fulfillment
I found what I need in you
Why cant u just 4give me
I dont want to relive all the
mistakes I've made along the way
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