The SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2010

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SMM a.k.a Sendi Mutiara Multimedia will held the Grand National Dota Tournament on 3th -5th December 2010.

Participants from each states in Malaysia will compete to claim the Frozen Throne, and making themselves recognized in international level. Yup, international level. Some of you may not know who SMM is, or even wtf is DoTA. Suffice to say, Dota is a 5vs5 game which involves strategy, action-packed, intelligence and teamwork.

Since im a Sabahan, im supporting Sabah's representatives especially the SGNDT 2010 winners, Avatar. According to Tim Tan, a friend of mine who always played DoTA with me, Avatar is the breed of previous champion, Nsp. I played with Nsp-NoRules 2years ago for some times, and yup, he's a goddamn pro. We did talked about gaming and things which i prefer to keep em to

Fun facts:
  • SMM also organized international tournament, which participants from the whole world compete
  • SMM is a LAN tournament, so participants are required to come to the event, not playing online. this is a good thing, no lagging issues, no spikes issues, no dc-ed issues.
  • SMM is a well-known tournament, especially from gosugamers-dota
  • The President & CEO of Sendi Mutiara Multimedia, Dato’ Dr. Ricky M.G Lim is a great guy, which envision to bring up gaming community in Malaysia to achieve a beneficial boost in elevating the growth and development of the gaming industry. hebat la Dato'
  • this is the 5th tournament. and it just getting better and better.
More info, refer to the SMM official site, here
and Gosugamers , here
and community of DoTA, here

image courtesy of SMM official site.
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